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Refractory High alumina brickrefractory mortar

Refractory materials

Refractory materials ISO certified manufacturer Stable quality, good price Refractory bricks, castable high alumina bricks, low cement high alumina castalbe manufacturer

( Manufacturer )

Refractory materials
ISO certified manufacturer
Stable quality, good price
Refractory bricks, castable
Ceramic fiber blanket
We are an ISO certified manufacturer of refractory materials in China. With more than 15 years experience in refractory production, we offer high grade products with stable quality, competitive price, and excellent service.
Refractory bricks of following specifications:
Fireclay brick, High alumina brick,
Silica brick, Mullite brick, Magnesia brick,
Corundum  brick, Silicon carbide brick,
Magnesia carbon brick. Various insulating bricks.
Refractory castables of following type:
1) High strength castable.
2) Cement kiln refractory castable series   
3) Self-flowing castable.
4) Steel fiber strengthened refractory castable.
5) High strength low cement refractory castable.
6) Refractory guniting castable
7) Al2O3-SIC-C Slag resistant refractory castable.
8) High strength and wear-proof alkaline resistant castable
9) Mullite castable, corrundum castable.
10) Light weight insulating castable.    
11) Refractory ramming material.
12) Refractory moldable.  
13) Refractory ramming material.
14) Refractory mortars.

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Castable Refractories Characteristics: high temperature performance, good thermal shock resistance, abrasion resistance, asy construction, high fire-resistant properties.